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3 Point Laser & Electro-Magnetic Stimulator


"TESLA-3000" is an innovative complex stimulator for laser & light therapy and deep stimulating electro magnetic therapy with a strong synergy therapy effect. Strong pulse type magnetic signal is instantly penetrated through the nerve structures and muscle of body to help the cell vitalizations and relieve the pain.


1. Features of magnetic stimulator (TESLA-3000)

1) Magnetic field can be an useful tool to stimulate the nerve system without the interference of fat or bones within the range that may not harm the body.

2) No damage to skin and no cause of pain as it is a non blood type of stimulation.

3) Deeper stimulation is available compare to the existing electric stimulation with the magnetic field as it can penetrate the deeper side of the body.

4) Therapy with wearing clothes is available with the non invasive and non touch types.


2. Indicant of "TESLA-3000"

1) Rehabilitation of the nerves and muscles

2) HNP, HIDV, Urgent chronic cervical vertebral sprain and backache

3) Frozen Shoulder and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

4) OA, Damage on ligament, vat dyeing

5) Nerve roots stimulation for damaged peripheral nerves

6) Cerebropathia(Stroke)

7) Urinary incontinence

8) Therapy for epilepsy and stress(depression) by TMS(Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator)


3. Features of "TESLA-3000"

1) Powerful output and sense of stimulation

2) Stable operation for long time treatment

3) Easy and simple handling

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