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Contact: +91 - 8397 837 997

Dr. Somesh Indora

Clinical Specialist - Physiotherapy, Mobilization, Chiropractic Techniques, Osteopathy Technique.

Qualification :- B.Pht, COMT (UK), Certified in Ergonomics & Posture, CMT, CDNT, CIASTM, Certified in Cupping Therapy

Dr. Somesh Indora is highly experienced and specialized Physiotherapist in Ortho, Neurological conditions, all type sports injuries and conditions and Ergonomics. He has over 5+ years of experience treating more than 30K+ satisfied patients, working as Sr. Physiotherapist & Consultant in Pain Relieves Physiotherapy.

Dr. Somesh is one of the few Physiotherapist in the region to be dual trained in sports and exercise science and uses diagnostic ultrasound to diagnose muscle, ligament, tendon, joint and nerve problems. He also uses ultrasound to carry out guided joint and soft tissue injections for pain relief.

His experience and training allow him to provide a ‘one-stop’ clinic where he can assess, performs a diagnostic ultrasound if required, all in one session.  He has a special interest in tendon injuries particularly the Achilles and patella tendon and shoulder injuries, for example frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tears. 

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